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baby back behind

Posted on 2006.02.01 at 00:49
i feel let down i suppose. just anxious about things. at least those things i shouldn't worry about anymore.

it's funny, when i get in this warped sort of depressed mode, i actively search for new things (actually, more accurately, remembering tidbits from my life that congers up the all familiar scream chant "what the heck am i doing"; little factoids from life that crush me, like a can that found itself in the undercarriage of a fattie). i hope that makes things clear.

I guess that's why i'm writing on this thing now.



Posted on 2005.12.09 at 01:57
excursions after a long soujourn in your quaint abode can be hallucinagenic. to say the least.

the scene: puzzles *frown gaffaw* -- 1:30 am. --

i run into this puerto rican guy (or at least i think--i'm quite autistic when it comes to asking about nationalism, ethnicity and all that) who goes by the name "Jose". He's a mutual acquaintance of nicole and i. which i guess means he's not your typical acquaintance.

for instance, when we three were talking the other day, he amusingly repeated the fact we were "networking". Of course what he was saying matched wwhat he was wearing, some sort of mustard themed gucci suit. and of course his persona didn't match what he was gesturing, which was some sort of manly hand signal to a young balla' adorned with a sweat suit and fistful of (hamburger) meat.

so you can imagine talking to him is similar to japanese robots communicating on stage at a convention, with the japanese scientist man lurking in the shadows mastermining the event, trying his best to make the audience clap for him.

sidenote: i bet that's your closest bet to what god is like; some oddly sheltered japanese scientist that makes you go "huh? i guess you're omniscient...i asked for bobby's aunt to get better but i'll take the windshield wipers for my glasses instead. :("


i feel sorry for Jose because i rather enjoyed taking a back seat in our convo just to admire the fact that we were having a spanish one conversation in english.

-"What did you do today Jose?"
-"oh i on campus and aye go back and i "estudy" " . i laughed.

-"Are you a transfer student Jose?"
-"No i'm a U.S. Citizen for two years."
-"Ah. Which school did you come from?"

-"whats your major Estefanie?"
-"Oh, political science".
-"What jose??"
"oh i just like dancing."

at least i found out where a good hip hop club was. a la isquierda de 4th y santa monica.

i feel like a maroon. i simply cannot embrace multiculturalism cos i'm inept at asking personal questions bah. lol.

i hope this is nuanced and thorough btw. ciao.



Posted on 2005.10.03 at 00:39
i don't know what's worse than being stuck in a rut, but i can definitely say that when people say "well it can be like this" is pretty close.

I know when i say it to people, i seem like a jackass. Let me make it crystalline for ye-One time i said to this kid (who later got expelled for making a hit list on his palm pilot) "well, you know, at least your not in a wheelchair and are able minded", to which he replied "actually my adopted brother is in a wheelchair and mentally handicapped as well; i constantly have to monitor his colostomy bag so he won't dishonor himself". what can i say to that except i'm glad i wasn't put on his "To-kill list".

to get to the point, it's a way to make me ruin my mood of actually feeling an abstract thought...making the untangible, tangible.

feeling let down is people's way of making a difference in their own world.

so of course my Kittie A got her eye scratched out by one of our new little shits, i guess it can be worse. She's like half a ray charles, with half of a half of his talent now.

anyways g-nite to those who have things figured out.

Posted on 2005.09.26 at 03:08
The NIN set was cut short friday night in san diego when the NIN drummer jerome suffered from what was thought to be a heart attack, but ended up being an anxiety attack. The tour with QOTSA and NIN will resume tonight as scheduled. The band sends jerome their wishes for a speedy recovery."

-this on the qotsa site!

"in some cities, autolux will be going on before 7...10_01_05

doors: 5:00
show: 6:55
los angeles_ca hollywood
bowl "

-nin site!!!


looks like someone was lazing in photoshop. what shitty poster art.


this looks like the only good one, only because it looks like an exploited plant cell.

question: what's all y'all's favorite concert art/posters?

maybe mine; but i have to include all japanese poster art as well.


see below for one more addition!

oktober feast: best post ever

Posted on 2005.09.26 at 02:09
the 101 on 10/1 :

of course i'm excited about seeing trent reznor this sat. who isn't. the only caveat is that i didnt' think i could get more excited.

well get a load of this.

Looks like a euro groovy, orange undershirt wearing, hip bone popper of a rock-lovin doozy, eh? well it's not just any euro groovy...eh you know.

he's TIM VANHAMEL. he's a member in Josh Homme's sideproject Eagles of Death metal.
Not only does he share part of my namesake, he's BELGIAN.

I don't know what's the best thing in this picture. Eagles of Death Metal.

"Eagles songs are stolen from some of the best music in the world [Bowie, Ween, Stones], so technically, this should be the best music ever". quote from Jesse Hughes, the s&m-ish singer.

VanHamel gained notoriety in Belgium playing in his band millionaire, before working with Eagles. ha.

doesn't that just look belgie freakie? Belgian PUNK rock group MILLIONAIRE with timmy in the middle. metero-ing it up.

I found out about VanHamel reading an old rock magazine of mine (yes i keep old music magazines thank you) and i found out some interssrting gossip like oo emm gee.

"VanHamel does a loose-limbed jig that Homme describes as 'a monkey octopus on LSD, but Belgian'.-Josh Homme.

..."Highlight of the performance is watching VanHamel windmill around the stage and contort his face into an expression of constant surprise."

well, guess who my favorite band is now.

No not THE guess who...fuckkk youuuu. (-fattie arreznor)

Love to Love You Baby

european flooding

Posted on 2005.09.19 at 18:18
why can't ray negin be like german monks

and why does html suck

uc err a


Posted on 2005.09.14 at 02:24






Posted on 2005.09.06 at 02:49
I thought to myself in the wee hours of teh morning that "well shoot; I should obsessively learn about Mexico as well as Belgium, since boofriend is both".

I've been unfair, but unknowingly so. It's probably because Belgium is more of a lighter country of sorts, one full intrigue and gaiety; A country that has so many absurd trivial facts and figures that you can use them in any given situation to flippantly boast of your intelligence and, more succinctly, to make obvious how you spend your free time. Besides, my dogs are Belgian, so I had some connection already that fueled my drive.

L.A. peoples are so used to Mexican culture; people know of it's colorful history and somewhat morbid present. ah well. It's still interesting, if you don't talk about drug lords and bankruptcy and all else inbetween. drugs get so monotonous after a while.

What should i talk about then? Well, let's go for the obvious cool thing and talk about ZAPATISTAS :I

oh yes. This fella is MARCOS. he is a modern day ZAPATISTA. i'll get to him in a bit. but let's get to the og zap PANCHO VILLA.

kinda looks like teddy roosevelt...not so intimidating huh? well fuck you. he'll canal your panama in an instant.

Pancho with his bitches and other male slave.

Pancho Villa was to Cattle as Robin Hood was to gold. that's right. villa would steal and burgle cattle in that cushy border region...but would keep them for himself instead of giving them away. sorry. George Patton even went after him, which is kinda cool cos apparently i'm related to him. thanks grammie :(

ok tired. have fun bed time

Who needs a reason for this?


although i do have heroin.


Affenliebe {f} - doting love
Eigenliebe - self love
Er ist bis ueber beide Ohren verliebt. - He's head over ears in love.
Er machte Ernst. - He took the gloves.
Er verliebte sich in sie. - He fell in love with her.
Fingerhuete - foxgloves
Fingerhut - foxglove
ein schoenes Fleckchen Erde - a lovely spot
Geliebte - lady-love
Geliebte - lover
Geliebte - truelove
Geliebten, heissgeliebt - beloved
Gewuerznelke - clove
Gewuerznelken - cloves
Handschuh - glove
Handschuhe - gloves
Handschuhfach - glove compartment
Handschuhfach - glove locker
Jugendliebe - early love
Jugendlieben - early loves
Klee - clover
Kleearten - clovers
Kleeblatt - cloverleaf
Knoblauchzehe - clove of garlic
Liebe - love
Liebe, lieben - love
Liebeskrankheit - lovesickness
Liebeskummer - lovelorn
Lieblichkeit - loveliness
Lieblosigkeit - lovelessness
Pullover - sweater
Pullovern - sweaters
Samthandschuh - velvet glove
Samthandschuhe - velvet gloves
Schlampe - sloven
Schlampen - slovens
Schlamper - sloven
Schlamper - slovens
Schlampigkeit - slovenliness
Schwesterliebe - sisterly love
Sie haben nichts fuereinander uebrig. - There's no love lost between them.
Sie ist bis ueber beide Ohren verliebt. - She's head over heels in love.
Techtelmechtel, Liebesaffaere - love affair
Unglueck in der Liebe haben - to be crossed in love
Vaterliebe - paternal love
Wildlederhandschuhe - suede gloves
Wir spielen um nichts. - We play for love.
Zweihufer - cloven hoofed animal
angegossen - fit like a glove
bis zum Wahnsinn lieben - to love to distraction
geliebt - beloved

btw, i should name things i love aka the vespers of the dead (thanks cath-o-licks), placebos, yucko the clown, middle english,belgian rock music, obsessions, and boofriend to name a few. doy hickey. :) :) :)

the clincher

Posted on 2005.08.23 at 00:29
i knew my mission had a ...mission...?


c'est moi!

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